"Health Watch has established itself as a reputable home health care institution."
— quoted from The Daily Herald
"Health Watch is a tremendously caring and kind company to work with. Their employees have hearts of gold and want to help others feel the best they possibly can. They put the cares and needs of their clients first and are a great example of someone practicing the Golden Rule."
— C. Burnside
"I am writing on behalf of my family to thank you for the wonderful care that you provided for our mother. I feel a debt of gratitude for your professionalism, your wisdom, and your compassion. We feel that her needs were very well met and hope that you will extend our gratitude to all of your staff. Thank you so much for your service."
— L. Shumway
"I was very impressed with Health Watch. They were very kind and patient with my mother-in-law who suffered from Alzheimer's and needed some physical therapy. They came to the home always happy and energetic and made her feel important. They were able to get her to cooperate and do the exercises where we had failed. I would strongly recommend Health Watch to anyone needing in-home care."
— S. Stewart
"I took the heart and cardiovascular screening from Health Watch to see how healthy my heart was. The machine they used was quick, painless, and amazing! I wore it directly on my wrist and it showed me immediately on the computer screen how my heart and arteries are doing. I can see how this machine saves lives, and I would recommend that everyone young and old be screened!"
— L. Baker
"I have been very pleased with Health Watch services. Their people are always courteous, helpful, and knowledgeable. I would use them again if needed."
— M Clark
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“Health Watch has established itself as a reputable home health care institution.” —quoted from The Daily Herald

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